50% of West Midlands house sales down valued by mortgage surveyors

The latest Government House Price Index report for 2020-2021 shows an incredible 34,940 West Midlands properties were down valued by mortgage surveyors, which is 50% of those sold. This can cause untold stress to house sellers with many of those sales falling through.

Selling houses in the UK is such an archaic system and that's why when you sell to our property cash buyers, the valuation comparables are done before you get our cash offer, so the price we offer is the price we pay. Being a cash buyer means we aren’t beholding to the views of a mortgage surveyor.

Our offer is 100% guaranteed, No hassle, no stress, just a smooth cash sale of your property. if you would like to find out more about selling your property fast, please get in touch with our cash buyers for houses.

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