Dealing with property during a divorce

In the majority of cases the emotional wrench of a divorce is bad enough. Imagine how stressful it is then to have the sale of your house on top of that. Unfortunately, this is the position for a lot of couples going through the divorce courts.

Everyone needs a roof over their head. It feels like a basic human right (in the UK, anyhow). To fear you may find yourself living in a hostel or hotel until you can get a place to call your own can be terrifying for many people. And it’s why you have to find out about your property rights before you or your other half file for divorce.

First though, it’s a good idea to let your mortgage lender know you are going through a divorce. That way if your other half reneges on the joint mortgage they’ll have an idea why. It may even be that they are willing to offer a payment holiday on the mortgage until the situation over ownership resolves itself. The last thing you need is for your property to be repossessed, after all.

Dividing your house for divorce

If your divorce is amicable it may be that you can come to some sort of financial agreement about who gets what. If not, then the courts can get involved and order a valuation survey of the property before dividing up the asset. You’ll then have choices:

·     It could be that you both decide to sell the property and move out.
·     One partner buys the other out so that ownership of the property transfers to just the one individual.
·     One parent stays while the child finishes school exams, then you both sell the property.

In terms of the second bullet point ie buying your partner out, your mortgage lender would have to believe that you had the financial means to pay the mortgage in full.

If this isn’t the case then it may be that if you have a close family member who is willing to financially vouch for you then you could take out a Guarantor mortgage. In this scenario they would undertake to pay your mortgage if you couldn’t. As you can imagine, this is a huge financial commitment to take on so must be done with plenty of careful consideration by both parties.

In the majority of cases couples usually sell the property when they split up. This way each individual has the cash to go and buy a smaller home, or rent.  

The desire to put the past behind them means couples are often eager to sell their property quickly pre or post-divorce. One of the best ways to do this is to sell your house fast for cash. This way you will also save money on conveyancing, solicitors and marketing fees. You can also avoid the admin involved in dealing with an estate agent, including having to be ready for numerous viewings by potential buyers.

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