Is it better to sell your house to a cash buyer?

A property cash buyer is an individual or company that will purchase your homes, land, commercial property and more for outright cash.  

Advantages of using a cash buyer –

Quick completion period

A cash buyer often has the funds immediately ready and waiting for the seller if both parties are happy, meaning that it can enable a quick sale of the property and avoid any financial complications.

Generally, with cash buyers, selling your house is faster as there’s no need to follow the tedious process, wait a lengthy amount of time for an offer and rely on the buyer’s not dropping out or having any issues. If someone is looking to get out of the property in a short time frame and requires the funds from the property, using a cash house buyer could be the better option.

At Stewardson, we encourage a quick property sale with a completion period of 21 days or whenever best suits you. The funds will be transferred into your account with a stress-free service.

No costs

An attractive benefit of using a property cash buyer is that it can come at no cost to yourself. Every correspondence such as email, letters, phone calls can often bunk up the price of your conveyancing bill, but not with cash buyers. At Stewardson, we provide a free solicitor to handle the sale or contribute £500 towards the costs for a solicitor of your choice.

Easier to Sell

It can be frustrating when you receive little to no interest in your property for whatever reason. You may have tenants living in there, it may be run down and abandoned or perhaps it’s just not affordable anymore. This is a hurdle that property cash buyers or companies just jump over and will still make an offer and envisage what they can do with the place. They regularly buy places like these and take the pressure off you by devising a plan of action and a simple solution. We are a company that buys houses for cash and after one viewing we will make you an offer which you can choose to go ahead with or make a counteroffer.

If you like what you are hearing, get in touch with our property experts across the West Midlands to find out the quickest way to sell a house or property.

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