Need to remortgage but can’t…?

Need to remortgage but can’t…?

We are seeing a huge rise in vendors approaching us to sell their property on the basis that we can find them a high quality, rental property where they can settle long-term.

Lots of homeowners were talked into cash drawdowns a decade or so ago and now they are reaching the end of a fixed-term or need to re-mortgage. However, lenders have tightened their criteria and are using computers to assess applications and if the computer says ‘No’, that’s it.

In some cases, we are able to buy a property and rent back to the family. ‘Sale And Rent Back’ is however very strictly regulated and there are only a small number of cases that this method will work for. Although, we are able to buy a property and offer a guaranteed rental with a choice of fully refurbished flats & family homes, in the area you want.

If you have a property and want to sell quickly to cash buyers, with 1 viewing, no costs at all and the assurance of a property to move into, please give Phil or Mark a call today – 01384 660250. Stewardson work with you for a quick house sale across the West Midlands.

Should you want to sell and link your sale to an on-going tenancy and to be placed on our priority list for one of our immaculate refurbishments. Call today for an informal chat.

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